Email decentralized: what does it mean for you?

Almost all email is stored in locations NOT under user control.
The service provider has control over your email and this control is used for profits.
Proemtheus is building the first decentralized email system that is "in your pocket".
Each user has the email account stored on its devices and communication is direct user-to-user.
Users will have far more features for their email.

Security: most important!

The problem with data is that if you know where to find it, you can access it.
Proemtheus is building the first system where your data is encrypted, broke into a puzzle and spread around your device.
No outside software, virus or ransomware can access it without your "keys".
Furthermore you can indicate the apps that are allowed to access your data.

Personal Cloud Storage: use your own!

The cloud has the same problem as email: not under user control, plus you have to pay for it.
Proemtheus is building the first personal-network for your devices.
Backup or access data with ease and for free.
Upload your data from your mobile directly to your PC.
Need to retrieve something you worked at home? It's just a click away.
Plus, storage will be tradeable: one can either rent or offer storage.

Platform: open software marketplace!

Decentralized services bring advantages to users and developers.
Start from renting storage or hosting email to developing new services for the community.
Platform will be fully opened for developers like a software marketplace.