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Presale's are usually not public.
Given the mission of this project, we decided to be fully open and make this round available to all interested.
The driving principle is: you have an email, choose your independence, support the Proemtheus project!

Please take a moment and read the Whitepaper thoroughly !
Our presale hard cap is 1m PMPT tokens, at a 1 USD per token rate.



Will send us the suport feedback for the Proemtheus project from the users |
Will help us expand the team for better progress on development |

| Will give you a valuable bonus scheme as early supporter
| You'll be among the first to test out our platform before launch


Presale referral bonus 18%
Buy at least 100 PMTP and you will receive a unique referral link and 18% bonus for all contributions we can match with that link.
After contributing yourself, pass the unique link to your friends and receive the PMTP bonus if they contribute using your link.

We emposed the Minimum Buy Referrence Bonus Rule of 100 PMTP to avoid the situation where speculative buyers transfer their funds to another partner in order to artificialy increase the referrence bonus.

Example: user A buys 1 PMTP and transfer the rest of his funds to user B, who then makes a larger PMTP buy.
User A receives the bonus for the larger user B buy, and they split the bonus and the tokens.
This way 2 or more users can artificially increase the referral bonus.

Token bonus
As you can see in the CROWDFUNDING BONUS SYSTEM graph above, the PMTP token bonus is organized on a decreasing curve, in opposition with the number of tokens sold.
At the end of the presale we will divide the total number of tokens sold in 25% groups and apply the corresponding bonus percentage.
For example: first 25% of tokens sold will bring a bonus of 25%.
The next 25% of total tokens (25-50%) will bring a bonus of 20% and so on. Please wait until the end of presale to receive official notice about the bonus for your PMTP tokens.

Better seats at the main ICO
USER > 5,000 PMTP will have Priority Level 2 at ICO
PL2: retain the 10% bonus (10-20% interval) for the next 20-30% interval of sold tokens
USER > 10,000 PMTP will have Priority Level 1 at ICO
PL1: will retain the 15% bonus (0-10% interval) for the next 10-20% interval of sold tokens

Stay tuned, for ICO there will be more interesting things in place!

Stranger or not to the crypto world and projects, help us out:
After you back us up, let your friends know about the Proemtheus project!
Remember, everyone has an email!



One will not find any emphasize mention about rejecting or blocking U.S. citizens because we think:
This is a discrimination since their email accounts are subject to the same attacks as elsewere;
The PMTP is a utility / working token allowing users to help develop and pay in advance for an online service;
Ultimately we have no actual means of stopping them to aquire tokens by participating in the Proemtheus crowdsale
(by use of VPN and/or proxy any blocking can be bypased).
It is the obligation of each user to seek legal advice for himself and comply with the laws aplying to him regarding
participating in the crowdsale and holding the PMTP tokens.
Proemtheus should not be held liable in any way for users not compling with laws that aply to them. HOWGH!